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I'm Locked Out!

The first call of the day I received on 11/11/08 was to let me know that someone's account was locked out. This happens for many reasons, and this time it was a simple, "I changed the password and I forgot". We've all forgotten new passwords, since we all have tens if not hundreds of passwords to remember in today's networked world. To solve this problem, I went to my trusty little application called Account Lockout Status and checked, lo and behold, the account was locked out. I used to use ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers) to check, which was a multi-step process of finding the ID and checking - on each domain controller (DC).

If you have the proper windows Active Directory (AD) rights to the proper domain controllers (DCs), this tool will save you hours of frustration when people call up about being locked out. I've been there, and this tool has made my tech support tasks that much simpler. Download your copy from Microsoft here.

Do you use this tool? Do you have other simple and productive tools such as Account Lockout Status? Let us know in the comments.

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