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I've been meaning to put up a good list of shortcuts for Firefox. Most of these are already all over the web, so what makes my list special? Well, my blog has become a database of sorts for myself, and I hope it's a good reference point for some of you. Many things can be easily found via Google, but sometimes it takes several clicks to find the exact thing I'm looking for.

This list will contain a list of shortcuts that I use most often. Sometimes I forget what the shortcut is and need to look it up again. Some of them are the very basic ones, but shortcuts vary from Windows to Linux etc..
  • Alt+Left Click - Save Link
  • Ctrl + K - Jump to search bar
  • Ctrl + L - Jump to address bar
  • Ctrl + T - Open new tab
  • Ctrl + W - Close broswer tab
  • Ctrl + # (where number is 1-9) - Jumps to the numbered tab. E.g. Ctrl +1 jumps to first tab.
  • Ctrl + Shift + T - Undo close browser tab
  • Ctrl + Enter - Adds www. and .com to beginning and end of domain name you type in. When Entering a website name such as www.google.com, most browsers now support this shortcut and I think many of you already know this. But for those who do not use this its a great shortcut to have. Just type "google" or any site name, without the quotes and hold Ctrl+Enter.
  • Shift+Enter will give you the .net domains, just like above.

Some Helpful Add-ons

This list will continue to be updated. Find the full list on Mozilla's site and pick the ones most useful to you! What are your favorite shortcuts? If you know of any not listed, please let us know in the comments.

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Anonymous said...

My faforite shortcut is Ctrl + Tab

FrugalNYC said...


I would have to agree. I think I use that the most, along with Ctrl+W to close those extra tabs. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, if you're a vi user, then do have a look at vimperator: an add-on for firefox. Enjoy :)

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