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I Don't Hear Anything

I've often had to help someone figure out why their computer does not play music or produce any sound from the speakers. Often times, it could be a bad software driver and sometimes it could be other newly installed software that is interfering with the sound system. Then there are the obvious reasons, that most people forget or don't bother to look at.

Is it plugged in?

Many times I have come across a computer with no sound, only to find that the speakers were never plugged in! Sometimes it is because it was plugged into the wrong jack. Other times it could be due to someone pulling it out by accident. Whatever the case, checking to make sure your speakers are plugged into the audio out jack should be the first thing you want to check.

Does it have power?

The second most likely culprit is power. Sometimes the speakers may have blown due to electrical problems. Other times, someone may have unplugged the ac outlet to plug something else in temporarily. You can check for the power

Yes, I know these are very simple and elementary issues. However, they are issues that are often overlooked in the field of IT, by the customers and sometimes even by technicians. So next time, before calling the IT guy, save yourself and your company some time and money, check the above two items before hitting the IT 911 line.

Once you get past these basic issues, you can fiddle with the software settings and volume controls for the OS and the applications.

Can you think of other items are often overlooked? Have you had to deal with basic issues like this as an IT guy?

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