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10 Ways To Free Up Disk Space Quickly

If your pc is running low on disk space, you will experience all kinds of "weird" issues.  Systems can hang or freeze.  Programs can close out unexpectedly and other unexplained issues will arrive more often.  Sometimes it might seem like your pc has a virus or other malware.  When in a pinch and you don't know how to free up disk space quickly, here are ten tips on how to do just that.

  1. Remove the system pagefile if you have enough RAM
  2. Remove the hibernation mode
  3. Empty your Recycle Bin
  4. Run Disk Cleanup
  5. Uninstall applications, starting with the largest app first
  6. Move large media files to external drives
  7. Delete large files you no longer need
  8. Delete Application install files you no longer need
  9. Uninstall large applications and reinstall in another drive or partition
  10. Empty your browser cache
The above list should help you quickly remove large files so you can get a stable system back ASAP.  I'll go into details on how to do some of the above in future posts.

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