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5 More Things To Do With FreeNAS


Aside from using FreeNAS for its NAS purposes, there are other uses for it. For those a little more technically inclined. I've found several more things you can do with FreeNAS. You may need to refer to all posts and comments to get everything working. I have not tried all these yet but will do so when I have the time.
  1. Podcast downloading
  2. Using FreeNAS as a Printer Server - see latest on Instructables
  3. Using FreeNAS to download Torrents
  4. Simple Webserver - I'll write more about this in a future post, but it is straight forward.
  5. Wiki Server - This fits right on top of the webserver. FreeNAS already has PHP! ;)
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bmcclure937 said...

On top of using FreeNAS "to download torrents", you can build a completely automated torrent server!!

RSS was one of the best things to come to the BitTorrent scene (in my opinion). This really allows for flexibility and automation.

For example, there is an RSS Extension available (from Trensi) which allows you to set up RSS feeds that will automatically download TV shows, movies, etc. It is most practical for TV shows, so you do not have to go out and search every week...

On top of this, there are some amazing scripts available on the FreeNAS forums to expand on Transmission's functionality. Automatically update the blocklist, automatically stop torrents after seeding to a specified ratio, automatically watch a specific directory and add torrents, automatically unrar torrents when they finish downloading...

It really is a wonderful thing. I can have my TV shows waiting for me on my FreeNAS!! And that is only the tip of the iceberg

FrugalNYC said...


Will definitely have a look at the forum and see what additional things it can do. If you come across other uses for FreeNAS please send my way!

Much Thanks :)

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