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Uninstalling Unlisted Windows Apps


I found a great tip from a Networking Geek to Geek article yesterday. The article was about Hidden Commands and contained mostly items beyond my current networking skill set. The first tip however, seemed like a great item to keep handy. I've often found myself on a PC with useless programs and wanted to remove them.

Using this tip, you can remove the offending program without any third party applications. Here is the tip:

Open up the file windows/inf/sysoc.inf in notepad, search and remove the word "hide" save and reboot. Now that software you want to remove is visible in Add/Remove Programs.

Just be warned that if you are not sure what you can or cannot remove, it's probably safer to not remove it. You just might end up making your machine less useful than you started. Do you have any similar tips or hidden commands that are useful? I'd love to hear about them.

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