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Conficker Worm Coming

April 1st is coming and so is Conficker C, according to this article on Yahoo Tech among many other news articles, this is a big one!

This computer worm affects most current windows systems, so if you use windows make sure your system is patched and updated to the latest windows updates. You should also check to make sure your computer's anti virus application is running properly and patched with the latest updates. I personally use AVG Anti virus as I mentioned in a previous post.

You can scan your machine using Microsoft's Windows Live OneCare safety scanner for the worm if you suspect that your machine is infected. Those of you on a Mac, Linux or other non-windows machine, you are safe from this one.

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coffee maker said...

I've heard from multiple sources that the Conficker worm won't be a threat to Mac users, thank goodness

FrugalNYC said...

Hi Coffee maker!

That's a great name!
Thanks for your comment. You are correct, Conficker only affects windows machines!

Linux is safe too, which I use to surf in public wifi areas :)

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