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USB to Ethernet Print Server

I have a very old printer, it's over 10 years old but still works very well and I still have a lot of spare ink cartridges for it.  Instead of letting it go to waste or throwing it away, I use it to print drafts and exam prep work for the kids.  Yesterday I had a little dilemma, the printer won't work on my Windows 8 laptop.  There are no drivers available for this printer on Windows 8, and it was not even picked up by Windows as a device.

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I did have an old HP print server, which has been sitting around without use.  The wonderful thing about this print server is simple to use.  I plugged my decade old printer into the print server (USB) and plug the printer into my router.  Now I can add the printer just like any network printer from Windows 8.

In 5 minutes I had put the old printer back to use, no additional software needed.  The device uses very little power and takes up very little space.  Another benefit - the device can be used on any USB printer. The model I use is old but price has stayed high, but I found several others on Amazon that would do the same job. (Amazon associate links)

What would you have done?  Share your thoughts and solutions in the comments.

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