Quick Tips

Hibernation Mode

I've found myself using my laptop's Hibernation Mode more and more lately.

In the past, I have used it from time to time. Though never regularly. Now that I use it regularly, I find it to be very handy and it is a time-saver! I use a laptop that is several years old. In today's standard, it is ancient. Though it performs very well, doing what I need it to do, sometimes I find the boot-up process a bit slow (mostly due to applications loading after boot.

Now there are problems to watch out for using hibernation mode. More problems can crop up and memory leaks may become an issue longer term. I find that Hibernation mode works much better in Windows XP than in my machine running Ubuntu.

What about you? Do you use your Hibernation mode? Why do you use it and what benefits do you see from it?

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