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7 Things That Run On Linux

Linux has caught on to the mainstream even more, and thanks to Ubuntu and other similar projects, it is easier to use. I'm working from a Ubuntu laptop as I write this! Below are a list of things that run on Linux.

  1. Linux Alarm Clock! - Why you would want one? I'm not sure, but I do find it interesting.
  2. Routers - Most consumer routers sold run one form of linux or another. You can even do more with your router by using DDWRT or Tomato - alternative software for your router.
  3. Cell Phones - T-Mobile G1 running Android
  4. Web Sites - Nearly all websites are run on Linux and Apache!
  5. Your Computer - Desktop and Laptop Computers of course. Where it all started.
  6. Netbooks - Netbooks are the biggest item in computing currently. It will get even bigger once Apple enters the market.
  7. MediaCenter hardware - you can even create your own using GeeXboX

What else do you know of that runs linux?

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