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Tiny Core Linux

I recently discovered a Linux distribution that caught my interest. It's called Tiny Core, and it is headed by one of the lead developers for DSL (Damn Small Linux), Robert Shingledecker. The amazing thing that caught my eye right away was the size of the OS, only 10 MB!

Tiny Core is a bare bones (frugal) distribution and has many things in common with DSL, which is expected given the fact that Robert did much of the development for DSL. So how does a GUI based Linux Distro fit in 10 MB? It is made for a specific niche, those who want a fast booting system with no bells or whistles. This means that you get a really fast base system that you can add applications to, the same way that DSL gave you ways to add extensions and programs.

I have not tested this distribution thoroughly, but my one time boot into the LiveCD version definitely got me interested. I did not have access to a wired ethernet port at the time so I did not get much beyond checking on the applets and applications native to the 10 MB OS.

If you have tried this distribution, I'd love to hear what you think of this Linux Distro.

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