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Brighten Up Command Prompt

If you use the DOS command prompt to any degree, you may find this tip helpful. Use the Color command to brighten up your screen a bit. You can choose your colors for foreground (text) and background using the color command.

Typing Color by itself, in a command prompt, will result in setting the default colors of white text on black.

The available colors are:
0 = Black
1 = Blue
2 = Green
3 = Aqua
4 = Red
5 = Purple
6 = Yellow
7 = White
8 = Gray
9 = Light Blue
A = Light Green
B = Light Aqua
C = Light Red
D = Light Purple
E = Light Yellow
F = Bright White

You can change the color in two ways:
  1. Change only the foreground text. Just type color and any of the above choices such as "color 1", which will result in blue text on a black background (this color is hard to read by the way).
  2. Change the foreground and background. Type "color c0" to get black text on Red background
I use the command prompt for a number of things that do not need a windows GUI (Graphical User Interface). Many automated and system tasks can be done in a much more resource efficient way via a command prompt.

Some things I use the command prompt for:
  • ping
  • tracert
  • chkdsk
  • defrag
  • xcopy
  • batch files
  • net view
Hope this tip helps you make better use of your pc or just have a little more fun with your pc.

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