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9 Reasons To Use FreeNAS At Work


Several days ago I wrote about 9 Great Things About FreeNAS. These were some ideas and uses for FreeNAS in general, whether it's at home or work. Here are some more reasons you may want to use FreeNAS, at work!

  1. Use existing old hardware - This will run well with your boss.
  2. You don't need hardware - Run it as a VM, saves you from having to use any new or old computing equipment!
  3. No Monitor needed - Once configured, you probably won't touch the physical box again!
  4. Speed up networking - By using it as a Windows Workgroup Master Browser, you can turn off the Browser service on your workstations. Which should reduce network traffic in a workgroup setting.
  5. No user accounts to regulate as a public share - One of my favorite features, create one box for anonymous access so you have access to often accessed installs and drivers.
  6. Can integrate with AD - I have not tried this yet, but I see an option to integrate it with AD accounts!
  7. Can function as a standalone server - You don't need Active Directory or anything else to make this functional.
  8. Quick setup for projects - You can set one up as a project server, once over you can easily turn it off.
  9. Run it from LiveCD - You don't even need to install it (if you don't need to reboot and save settings). It can function very well off a LiveCD. I have one system running this way for some time now!
Do you use FreeNAS? What features do you like best? Share your thoughts and comments. You can get the current iso of FreeNAS here. Do you have other useful resources for FreeNAS?

You can buy the Learning FreeNAS: Configure and manage a network attached storage solution book if you are looking for a good reference book.

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Anonymous said...

I use FreeNas as Backup System with a GEOM Raid 1 but I would like to see ZFS in FreeNas. I am currently developing a new WebGUI in OOP PHP5 for m0n0wall, on which FreeNas is based. May be useful for FreeNas in the future too. See http://www.renemoser.net/?s=m0n0-php5&submit=Go for more infos.

FrugalNYC said...

Thanks for the comment resmo. The current version of FreeNAS has a different visual layout than m0n0wall. I find it easier to navigate.

Thanks for the link and additonal info.

Kelt said...

I have used FreeNAS on a livecd on a 266mhz box in a knife set that I chunked together. I really like it. The Active Directory plugin lets you enter your administrator user/pass for your AD server and then FreeNAS uses that AD server for maintaining it's users.

I'm not sure if FreeNAS samba can be setup as a domain controller for itself, I will have to look at this.

FrugalNYC said...

Hi Kelt,

Thanks for the helpful info. I know the AD piece is there in FreeNAS but never had the chance to try it out. Glad to know it works well. Would love to hear more about your experiences with FreeNAS

drevil1200 said...

I (16yr old) have used this for quite some time with much success. I use it as a music server and a file backup system. 2 hard drives one regular and one backup (read only). I absolutely love it because I can stream my music to anything in my house. Or I could stream to anywhere. Thank you Freenas Staff!

FrugalNYC said...

I still use FreeNAS. Once it's setup, I can just forget about it, it just works :)

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