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Borderless Aterm

Aterm, The AfterStep Terminal Emulator, is a terminal emulator aka console application. I really like the fact that you can do transparent windows with aterm. I wanted to find a way to run aterm in Linux without borders. I wanted a self updating window such as that for top but for it to blend in with the background, a bit like embedding the app. I did a search on Google for "borderless aterm" and found an answer in an ubuntu thread the answer is to use aterm -tr +sb -bl. I think the -bl switch was a mistake, so I took that switch out to make aterm -tr +sb. Perhaps it would have worked in the version of aterm on Ubuntu, I not on Ubuntu, I was using DSL 4.4.6 with Fluxbox version 0.1.14.

Some tips for myself and others:
  • To get the version number of Fluxbox installed on your pc, type fluxbox -version at a terminal.
  • The switch aterm -trsb gives transparent scrollbars.

To truly get borderless windows, I would have to make the changes in the Window Manager. This would be Fluxbox at this point, I have found that you can edit the ~/.fluxbox/keys to include "Mod1 d :ToggleDecor" and you can hit ALT+d to toggle decorations on/off. I found a very helpful page about aterm config here.

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