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My Purpose For FrugalTech

I'm starting this blog as a free resource for tech support for those who want personalized support, but don't want to pay a fortune. This page will be updated regularly, below are the things I'm focusing on doing with this blog. Posts will focus on the below topics, all posts and data within are free for you to use.
  • Free online technical support resources
  • Technical training
  • Internet use tips
  • Email tips
  • Help with personal blogs
  • Technical support
  • Software recommendations
  • Interesting websites
  • Multimedia applications
  • Tech related ramblings
  • and more...
Let me know if you find the topics helpful and what other tech related topics you would like covered. Feel free to browse through my posts here and at my FrugalNYC blog. You can email me directly at frugaltech@gmail.com for additional help or pricing on any services I offer.

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