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5 Things Every System Administrator Should Know

I read a blog post called 5 Things Every Good Linux Administrator Knows on 11/4/08 and I agree with what the author says. However, I think its applicable to any system, whether its a windows or a free Linux system. Below are my opinion on the five things raised in that post.

  1. Users are a Necessary Evil - I agree, but without them, there will be no need for the system or sysadmin!
  2. The Biggest Security Risks are Internal - Internal security practices are the most important things to set. If your cubicle neighbor "Dilbert" has access to everything, once he's compromised, the business is compromised!
  3. Network Services are System Doorways - Totally true, and it is why you should minimize services running on any system, be it a server or a workstation. Scheduled maintenance is a must.
  4. Documentation is a Job Requirement - I couldn't agree with this more! I have see some superstar techies who can do the job better than nearly anyone out there, but their documentation skills are nil! When everything breaks and he/she is the only one who can fix it, the business can fail. Document everything possible, it leaves a lot more room to grow!
  5. System Uptime is Top Priority - Again, going back to number one, its there to serve the business. Without the business, there is no need for any system.
Do you Agree with my points?

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