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Home Computer Not Getting On Internet

Help! My Home Computer Is Not Getting On The Internet.

I had a recent question about a colleague's computer not being able to get internet access when at home.  She took a laptop computer home, expecting to get some work done.  However, she has problems getting on the internet when she took the Ethernet cable from the home machine and plugged it into the work machine.  This will be the problem you will face, if you asked your ISP to setup service for only once computer.  If the only device they installed is a DSL or Cable Modem.

I have two fixes for this:

Fix 1: Get a router and set it up between the Cable Modem and computer.  This will allow multiple computers to be online at once.  This is the best option and is fairly inexpensive.  Most ISPs do this for you if you ask them to setup multiple computers.
Fix 2: Unplug your cable modem, this usually keeps a setting from the original computer.  Once you unplug the power, it will reset and try to find the new computer and you should have internet access once the Cable Modem is online (on and connected to your ISP).

Have you had this problem?  Did this work for you?

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