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Virtual CloneDrive

I've used Virtual CloneDrive in the past to open iso or CD/DVD disk image files . This allows me to extract or browse their contents without having to burn a disk. This saves me from purchasing additional blank CD and DVD disks. So aside from making things easier to use, it also makes it a frugal choice. There are other virtual drive offerings out there, but I find this to be very user friendly and I recommend it to anyone who needs such software.

You can download the latest version from here. Once installed, its very easy to use. Just double-click on the file you want to mount as a drive, this would usually be an iso file. It opens for you automatically and you can view the contents, just like if you popped in a CD. You can also look at the virtual drive under My Computer, it will show up as a regular DVD drive.

The software works in all versions of windows from windows 98 through Vista. Have you used Virtual CloneDrive? If you do not, what alternatives do you use? Share your comments below. If you found this helpful and need additional help contact me via email at frugaltech@gmail.com.

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