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Blackberry SureType and MultiTap

As nice as it is to have a cell phone sized Blackberry, one thing many people don't like about it is the lack of a full QWERTY keyboard. Recently someone asked me to help them change the default Suretype keyboard input method (I call it predictive typing) to the MultiTap option. This option was not really in an obvious place.

After poking around in many settings and options I finally found it under Options - Language - Input Language. You need to change the option to the other English (United States) selection that is not already set as default. I did not find this option at first since I could not read the full text for this selection. Perhaps RIM should look into making this option a little more obvious!

Hope this tip helps users of the Blackberry Pearl and other similar units. Check my Twitter account for more tips and tricks or subscribe to my blog for regular updates (it's FREE). As always, if you need additional help contact me via email.

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