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TeamViewer - Remote Support

In a previous post on Frugal NYC, I mentioned LogMeIn as a great tool for remote support. I have since found numerous other alternatives and today I would like to mention TeamViewer. I have helped some friends remotely by using TeamViewer and it has been a great alternative to LogMeIn.

Both these services are FREE for personal use. The great thing about TeamViewer is the fact that I don't need to install the software. I can run the file and have the other side I'm trying to connect to do the same thing. I only need to exchange the ID and password that is provided via the program once you run it. To give the program a try, you can download it here.

This program has also been recommended via Lifehacker.com You can download the Quick Support Versions - PC Version, Mac version, which is a very simplified interface for only the side that needs your help.

Give this application a try, who knows, it may be indispensable once you try it. I know I will definitely keep it in my must have list. What remote support application do you use? Share your comments with us. If you need additional help contact me via email.

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