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Encrypt Your Data For Free

If you have any sensitive data, financial or any other personal data, how do you keep it safe from prying eyes? I've heard a lot about TrueCrypt and I recently read an article called How To Encrypt Your Business Data For Free. If you think your data on your computer is safe with a username and password, think again. Anyone can take your hard drive and pretty much grab any file off your computer just by hooking it up to another machine, unless you use file encryption.

Most people do not have the need for file encryption, afterall, most of your personal is readily available via Google already! For those of you a little more sensitive to data theft, you can use any of the following software available for your computer system.

There are other free software packages out there already and I will update this list as I come across them. What about you? Do you encrypt your data? What software do you use?

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