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WolframAlpha VS Google?

I just found out about a new service called WolframAlpha that is supposed to be a search site that gives you the actual answers to your questions. It's touted as a computational engine, not a search engine. It's currently in a test phase and only available to invited folks. I'll give it a go when I get access or when it becomes public.

I doubt Google will take a back seat to this new service, as Google is already developing similar features into the Google search engine. Many people, myself included, use Google for much more than just search. I just looked up a package I was tracking on FedEx using Google, without having to go directly to FedEx's site.

What about you? What features of Google do you use? Have you tried WolframAlpha? Will you use WolframAlpha? Is the name too complicated to type?

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none said...

steven has a long way to go
not only that, ALL results from WA are copyrighted!!! they just failed....

try again with some new mathmatics....

FrugalNYC said...


WA definitely is not a Google competitor in my book. It's very limited in it's use. MS is giving Goog more of a competition these days.

Thanks for the visit and comment!

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