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Twitter Under DOS Attack

Twitter is under a DOS (Denial of service) attack this morning. Those of you trying to get to the home page or your own twitter pages via the Twitter website will not be able to get through until this DOS attack subsides or they figure out how to circumvent it.

If you are like me, you've been trying to get to the Twitter page for the last couple of hours. I'm now imagining the Twitter IT staff fighting the horde of attacking DOS monster with their Shields and swords. ;)

Twitter is more popular than ever and along with that popularity comes such problems. If you are tweeting via non-web methods, you can still get your tweets through. You can find a list of such tools on our Interesting Twitters blog post.

*Update* as of 11:38 AM EST, reports are saying the site is back up.

How did you spend your time while twitter was down?

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