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Speed Up Your PC With One Line

If your computer is acting sluggish, and you know you have enough memory for the tasks at hand, here is a quick tweak to give your pc a speed boost.

Create a text file and name it FreeUpRam.vbs
The content of this file should be only this following line:
Mystring = (80000000)

If your computer has less than 128MB Ram - doubtful these days.
The line would need to be:
Mystring = (16000000)

Save the file to your desktop and double click it ONLY after you have closed out most of your apps you are not working on any longer.

This line of VB script flushes out your RAM, thus a quick speed boost since your newly opened apps from this point on can work with all the FREE RAM.

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Jeanne said...

To defragment disk is a good choice as well.

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