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Top 10 Favorite Google Products

It all started with Google Search (lets not forget Blog Search), then I added Gmail and now I'm an official Google fan boy.  Yes, I think Google may take over the world one day, at least until some other upstart starts besting Google in the future.

For now, here are my favorite Google Products, in no particular order.

  1. Google News and Fast Flip - If I want to do a quick check of what's going on, I head to Google News.  Now Fast Flip has made the magazine stand nearly obsolete for me!
  2. Google Chrome - It's the fastest browser around.  I recommend it to all my friends.  What else is there to say?
  3. Blogger - I'm a blogger thanks to Google's Blogger platform.
  4. Gmail - I remember when I first started using Gmail, I hesitated.  Now like most, it is my primary email account!  Gmail makes having a single inbox very easy.
  5. Google Calendar - I'm ramping up my use of Google Calendar.  Liking it more and more each day.
  6. Google Voice - This has changed the way I handle my phone calls.  What else is there to say?
  7. Picasa 3.6 - Using Picasa, Google has made organizing and quick editing Photos easy and FREE!
  8. Google Maps - I never leave home without checking Google Maps before heading to a destination!
  9. Google Docs - I've yet to delve into this much, but I have seen what many people have done using Docs and it makes sharing documents easier than most methods I've seen.  The move away from MS Office is easier thanks to Google Docs.
  10. YouTube - You can find entertainment, education, music, and all sorts of things on YouTube!

I'm waiting to add Google Wave, and Chromium OS to this list at some point.  I have not used Google Wave enough to add to this list and Chromium OS is not due out yet.  I'm sure there will be even more products I'll be adding to this list soon.

What about you?  What are your favorite Google products?

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M said...

I've really gone over to the Google-side since Google synch and many of the apps are available on my blackberry. Now I have my mail, contacts, and calendar available with me at all times.

Google calendar also has a great subscribe function, so now I now when my friends are available, what the weather is today, when my teams are playing, and what's new on TV.

Drop me a line for deets.

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