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Change Drive Letter of Media Card Readers

I've had problems renaming the drive letter on built-in media card readers on some computers. Usually, it's very easy to change a drive letter. Just open the Disk Management tool in windows and choose the device and change the letter.

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Step by step instructions:

Right click Computer - Manage - Storage - Disk Management - Right click on the drive and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths.

In this instance, I could not do so. So I did a search for cannot change drive letter of sd card reader and found my answer here.

To make it short: to Change drive letter designation on internal SD card reader you need to rename the following registry key.

  • Right-click "\DosDevices\D:", and then click Rename
  • Rename it to \DosDevices\S: - or whatever letter you want
  • Reboot pc and it's set

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