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Nook Tablet - Restore Android CyanogenMod's Trebuchet Status Bar in 2 Taps

To me the iPhone and iPad are the working tool, Android is a toy to tinker with and Windows Phone is still to be decided.  That's from my experience and I'll stick to that for now.  Your opinion on the devices may differ.

I have a Nook Tablet, one of the older ones with 8GB storage.  I run CyanogenMod on it and it works great.  It runs from an SD card so I can pop in another one and have a fresh install anytime I want.  It's an old device, but still works great.  From time to time, the built in Trebuchet launcher will crash or another app will crash, but I've seen that on other Android phones and tablets as well.  The device itself will continue to work most of the time.

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A few days ago, the kids got their hands on my Nook Tablet, and when I got it back, my status bar and navigation buttons (back, home and recent apps list) were gone.  I spent a few minutes going through all the settings and could not find anything that could bring it back.  I put it aside since it was something I will tinker with when I have time.

Today I spent a few minutes looking for an answer and finally found it.  Here's the fix:

  1. On the Home Screen
  2. Hold power button until menu appears
  3. Tap Toggle status bar

In general you can control the status bar and toggle between Tablet and phone type status bar using the following settings:

Settings - System - Tablet Status Bar

I find the built-in trebuchet launcher to be efficient and fast.  Sometime it does crash more than it has to.  That's why I also have Lightning Launcher (last updated February 2014) on my tablet.  I also just discovered Bazooka Launcher (last updated December 2013) as I was searching for my answer to the missing status bar.

If you own a Nook Tablet or other tablet that uses CyanogenMod, I hope this has helped you recover your status bar.  What launchers do you use?  Let me know in the commments.

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