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Meebo For Android

I've been using Meebo for over a year now and it is a great Web Based IM application. If you don't like to install instant messaging software this is the best way to go. Meebo has a very large user base and I know many friends who use it. You can use your existing AOL, Yahoo, MSN, or Google accounts to login. You can even login to multiple accounts at once without a Meebo account. They just recently launched Meebo for Android, so if you have one of the T-Mobile G1 phones, go and get your copy of Meebo. From this video, it looks very user friendly.

How to install Meebo for Android
All you have to do to get Meebo on your Android phone is head over to the Android Market on your handset and search for "Meebo".

Check out Meebo for your iPhone. Do you use meebo? Have you tried Meebo for Android? Share your experience with us.

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