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AVG Anti-virus 7.5 No Longer Supported

I'm still running version 7.5 of AVG anti-virus, and I've been getting alerts to upgrade to version 8 of AVG anti-virus. If you don't know already, AVG is a, free for personal use, anti-virus program. I've been using it for years and have written a post on it before. I've used version 7 for years now and it has done a good enough job for me.

Version 8 has some improvements and comes with some extras that may make your web browsing habits a bit safer as well. Part of the reason I use AVG is because it utilizes very minimal system resources, not to mention free.

If you are still using version 7.5 you should upgrade to version 8 soon. I'm sure you've been getting the pop-up asking you to upgrade, if you have kept up with virus signature updates. The deadline for the upgrade is April 12, 2009, meaning your AVG 7.5 software will stop getting updates.

Do you use AVG Antivirus? Have you upgraded? What other free Anti-virus software do you recommend?

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