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So after years of rumors, it is finally coming to fruition. Google is building their Linux based OS called, Google Chrome OS. According to the Google blog, it is trying to help the world by bringing a new OS that does not need anti-virus and other malware prevention tools. I doubt that will ever happen, but I am glad to hear Google is entering this field.

Microsoft, undoubtedly will be shaking in their boots, once again. Though Microsoft does have some time to think and strategically out-do Google, if they have smart brains behind the controls. Time will tell. Apple may finally get some competition, just maybe, for their planned mini notebook device.

What I like about the concept of the Google Chrome OS is the speed. If it lives up to the Chrome Browser, I would be very happy and will definitely have a go at it. As it is, I'm a fan of Ubuntu Linux, Google's OS may replace that, if it is done right.

What do you think about the Google Chrome OS announcement and what it means for computing in general?

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