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You might be thinking of labels like that employed on Firefox, Gmail or other recent software. That is not what I am writing about today. I'm writing about the plain old sticky labels that you write a description on and you stick on the item you want identified!

Why am I writing about this? I recently read an article in smart computing magazine and thought it was very accurate. I've often had to help a client plug in a new piece of hardware, but only to find that there are no AC jacks free. Since I am doing the install, I need to make sure everything works. I have to unplug something! If everything was labeled, this would only take a few seconds, but it usually takes pulling and poking to try and figure out what cord connects to what electronic equipment and if it is currently on. The worst thing you can do to a computer is to unplug it in the middle of something.

The best thing you can do for your computer or any other electronic equipment is to label it when you plug it in. This makes it easy down the road. This is proper planning.

Do you label your electronic cords? Do you label other things that need to be organized?

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