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Apple TV 3.0 Released

Those of you with Apple TV can upgrade for free to the latest version 3.0.  It features a revamped user interface, access to iTunes LP, iTunes extras, Genius mixes and Internet radio.

With iTunes LP you get new additional information such as lyrics, photos, writing, memorabilia, liner notes, chonology, credits, videos, and much more.  As for iTunes extras, think of it like DVD extras, but a little more interactive.

On the music front, you can access Genius Mixes available currently on iTunes.  Apple will configure a playlist of songs similar to the selected song.  Version 3.0 supports up to 12 endless mixes, according to Apple.  The Internet radio option provides access to the thousands of internet radio stations already out there.

Do you have an Apple TV?  Upgrade and let us know what you think of the latest update.

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