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5 Windows 7 Security Tips You Should Know

Windows 7 is touted to be the most secure version of Windows yet.  Of course the more popular this OS gets, the less it will be secure.  Here are five things you should know about Windows 7 Security.
  1. Protect The Core - Windows 7 uses Adddress Space Layer Randomization (ASLR) to keep attackers guessing about where to attack by randomizing the memory locations of key OS functions.
  2. Safer Web Browsing - Windows 7 comes with IE8, which I use occasionally.  It is much more secure than IE 7.  It has InPrivate Browsing, which can come in handy at public terminals.  Protected Mode is 
  3. The UAC - This has not changed much from Windows Vista (by default), but there is an added slider so you can totally disable it (like you did in Vista) or turn it way up!
  4. Security Tools and Apps - Due to the kernel changes mentioned in number 1 above, older anti-virus applications will not work in Windows 7.  Make sure you use the Firewall and Windows Defender if you don't have other protective software in place.  Otherwise, you can probably find the latest versions from your anti-virus vendor.
  5. Action Center - The familiar Windows XP Security Center is now called the Action Center. It does more than what XP's security center did.  Check it out if you have Windows 7.
Will you make the switch to Windows 7?  If you have already, leave a comment about what you like best.

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