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Windows 7 Simplified Book Review


If you have bought a computer recently, it will run Windows 7.  There are still ways to get Windows XP, but it is getting rare and hard to buy.  If you are new to Windows, are a beginning PC user or just want a simple and easy introduction to Windows 7 - Windows 7 Simplified is a great book for you.  For those of you with more experience and are familiar with Windows XP for years, this book will not help you much.

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The best part about this book is the screenshots provided during every stage of the book.  Nearly every step is accompanied with a screenshot that lets you visualize what's happening, even if you don't have windows 7 in front of you.

The book shows you the basics of getting started with Windows 7.  Topics include:
  • Starting and getting familiar with Windows (boot, shutdown, etc..)
  • Working with programs - install, getting to know parts of applications, uninstalls, switching apps.
  • Creating and modifying documents - Basic text and document editing.
  • Working with images - Viewing, importing, editing and printing images.
  • Working with Music and Movies - Listening, ripping music, playing DVDs and other Windows Media player features.
  • Files - Basics of organizing, creating, moving, copying, moving, searching and deleting of files.  Also Burning files to CD/DVDs.
  • Sharing Computers - Home groups, wireless networks, user accounts.
  • Surfing the Web - IE and basics of using a web browser.
  • Windows Lie Essentials - Email, contacts and calendars
  • Security - Passwords, parental controls, junk mail
  • Customizing Windows - Themes, wallpapers, modifying some basic settings that change how windows look and feel
  • Maintaining your PC - Disk space, defrag, disk check, backup and restore.
If you are new to computers and have just been given or purchased a new PC with Windows 7, this book should help you get up to speed very quickly.  If you are a windows veteran, this is not a book for you.  You may find an interesting tidbit here and there, but nothing you won't find elsewhere for free.

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