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Work With Microsoft Office 2007 Files Without Office

Many people have opted to keep older versions of Microsoft Office because the older versions are good enough to do what they need.  At times, you will receive Office 2007 versions of files or you may have to work with Access 2007 Databases.  If you don't want to shell out cash for the full package, you can still work with these files via readers and runtime file installs.

Using viewers, you can view Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Access files.  Using the Access runtime install, you can work with Access 2007 databases, including data entry, printing etc.  This means you can purchase fewer copies of the full Office install and still work with the files.

You can download Office viewers and the Access Runtime files from Microsoft, links are provided below.

  • Access 2007 Download: Access Runtime : The Microsoft Office Access 2007 Runtime enables you to distribute Access 2007 applications to users who do not have the full version of Access 2007 installed on their computers.
  • Snapshot Viewer for Microsoft Access : The Snapshot Viewer enables you to view a report snapshot without having the standard or run-time versions of Microsoft Access 97 through Access 2007.
  • PowerPoint Viewer 2007 : Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2007 lets you view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint 97 and later versions.
  • Word Viewer : View, print and copy Word documents, even if you don't have Word installed. This download is a replacement for Word Viewer 2003 and all previous Word Viewer versions.
  • Visio 2007 Viewer : The Visio 2007 Viewer allows anyone to view Visio drawings and diagrams (created with Visio 5.0, 2000, 2002, 2003, or 2007) inside their Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later Web browser.

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